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Wednesday, 16 July 2008 19:10

The following is a list of recommended books for the Academic year 2008/9. All the listed books are available at the University Bookshop


 M111Algebra, Trig. & Analytics Geometry J.S. Mathunjwa 
 M115Introduction to CalculusJ.S. Mathunjwa 
 MS101Intro. to Maths for Business & Social ScienceS.S. Motsa 
 MS102Intro. to Calculus for Business & Social Science S.S. Motsa 
 M211 University Calculus - International EditionHass, Weir  
 M215 Mathematics for ScientistsP.A. Phiri 
 M231 Foundations of MathematicsG. Dlamini 
MS202 Quantitative Techniques S.S. Motsa
 M255 Principles of Dynamics  P.A. Phiri 
 M311 Numerical Analysis - 8th EditionBurden & Faires 
 M313 Advanced Engineering MathematicsKreyzig 
 M355 A gentle Introduction to Classical Mechanics S.S. Motsa
 M411 Numerical Analysis - 8th Edition Burden & Faires 
 M415 Intro. to Partial Differential Equations J.S. Mathunjwa
 M455 Elements of Fluid MechanicsP.A. Phiri